Who are we?

The leading trading company EJET Solutions LTD. established in 2006 base in the largest China general merchandise trade and distribution center-Yiwu with two strategic offices in Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Our business covers all around China. Aiming at better trading we have been serving more than 1000 satisfied customers from more 50 countries.

Yiwu – a paradise for businessmen

Top reasons for you to visit Yiwu
1.Yiwu market is the world’s largest wholesale market.
2.The Minimum Order Quantity can be in one carton
3.More than 200 Thousands products. In Yiwu, you can get more business.
4.Doing business in Yiwu is quite easy–convenient exporting&importing transportation
5. Yiwu market is open all year around except the Chinese New Year.
6 12,000+ foreign businessmen residents enjoy their comfortable life in Yiwu.

What We Do

We listen, we discuss, and we advise you the best options. Our services cover a wide range of exporting activities. From sourcing to shipping, we follow you up with each and every step.

100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee

The Only Agent in China Providing 100% Guarantee!
Our main business located in Yiwu and Guangzhou ,besides We can source all over China. We provide an ONE-STOP Service for all you buy in Any Cityof China via local suppliers, manufacturers & distributors factories.
Our ONE-STOP service includes all the following featured services. You can also have Free translating,Strictinspection,Warehousing,Fast shipping .
All of our job is to make buying from China much Easier & Safer.
To have the insurance for your business in China? We ensure your business in China!
Choose Us! We are the Best Agent!


Financial Supports

Have cash flow problems ?

EJET offers our clients buying credits to support you to expand your business. You can get 50,000-2,000,000 USD buying credits when doing business with EJET.

What is Buying Credit?

Our buying credit is an agreement where a customer can purchase goods on account (without paying cash), paying the supplier at a later date. Usually when the goods are delivered, a credit is given for a specific number of days – from 60 to 180.

How it works ?

When you need financial support service , send us materials as we require . After receiving your application we would make qualification inspecting. Once you are qualified according to our standards, we can offer you 50,000-2,000,000 USD credits. It allows you buy now and pay later. Any time you take delivery of materials, equipment or other valuables without paying cash on the spot, you’re using trade credit.

As for an agreement it is relatively easy to maintain, as long as the conditions are met, the buying credit is probably the easiest and most important source of short-term finance available to your businesses. Effective use of buying credits can boost your business than ever.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Losing the money because of the quality issues when buying from China? Most of the people are not certainly sure that how your goods will be look like before you open the container.
EJET also provides independent quality inspection service even if you don’t choose our package service.

What we can do for you?

1. Inspection Service

Supplier/factory audit

Immediately after the initial products are produced, before mass production begins, it is verified that everything meets specifications and will be adjusted where necessary.

During shipment inspection

During the production process we check how your product is being produced. Where necessary, adjustments can be made during this inspection, to ensure the quality and delivery time will meet the expectations.

Pre-shipment inspection

Obtaining a satisfactory sample does not guarantee the same quality for the entire batch. Before the goods are loaded and transported, they will be checked according to specifications drawn up beforehand to ensure that everything meets the quality requirements.

Container loading check.

Our experts will monitor your products while they are being loaded into the container to verify that you indeed get what you ordered. Additionally, we check constantly that everything is properly loaded, and the container is ultimately sealed by our experts.

2. Quality Assurance

Until now, No third-party inspection service company can guarantee your quality. EJET also provides quality assurance service. It means whoever the suppliers you choose, if there’s any quality problem, EJet will assume the responsibility for broken or damaged items as well as quantity shortages by offering credit back and refunds if required. We also assume responsibility in supplier related issues.

3. How we charge

Inspection service: 100$+traveling cost

Quality Assurance service: 2% value of the goods+100$/man day+ traveling cost.



Since China has become more and more important in International trade we are eager to serve more and more clients to achieve success in China market. Our trade experts review compliance programs to identify risks and cost savings, and to provide opportunities to grow your business in China.


Remove trade barriers between you and the market. These services give you a clear picture of your industry market dynamics, including sales & marketing channel opportunities and challenges, competitive analysis, and various forms of media, including electronic and print.

  • Market analysis (data sources, on-the-ground research)
  • Marketing channel strategy and implementation
  • Wholesaler/distributor/retailer search/vetting/connection
  • Sales funnel creation/implementation


Foreign market entry options are serious investments in time and money, meaning you must be done the right way. Protecting your brand is first and foremost. Second, but equally important, is selecting the right establishment and business service providers who can help set up and grow in time .

  • Company name/trademark/Chinese name registration
  • China entity (WFOE-FICE) registration and setup
  • Business service partner introduction and selection
  • Agents/Importer/Distributor vetting/selection


The number of Chinese online, along with mobile users and social media users, is undoubtedly a huge number. A digital presence on various media platforms is vital for creating brand awareness, promoting your goods and services and making a portion of your sales.

  • Online Chinese marketplace selection and setup
  • Importer/wholesaler/distributor management
  • Digital marketing design/assistance
  • Chinese social media design/assistance
  • Online sales promotion and execution

Why We Are The Best Choice?

Getting a good partner is the key of your success in China.
There are hundreds of agents in China. What makes EJET different ?



We are genuine businessmen.

EJET only looks for long term & win-win cooperation. We regard every client as our partner. We practice Integrity as the basic principle value of EJET, that’s why so many clients trust EJET. If you are a real trading businessman like us, EJET is your best choice.


The Team

We are confident with our team

Serving more than 1000 clients in the past 10 years EJET staff are the wealth of our company. Our people make us different. Business always causes problems but experienced & professional staff can solve the problems before they happen but not later.


Creating Value

We aim at creating value for our clients!

Clients’ satisfaction is the key that EJET can grow so fast in the past years. All what we do is to make your buying from China much easier & safer! Choose EJET. Let’s become bigger, better and together!

What People Are Saying

We listen, we discuss, and we advise you the best options.

There are too many export agents in Yiwu. But I want to say, it is too difficult to find a professional agent. I have changed 4 agents. Why I changed? The 1st ex-agent changes my items to similar items (low quality and low price). The 2nd ex-agent always delays the delivery time and answers my email after 5 to 7 days. The 3rd ex-agent does not know what I mean every time. I want to say, their English is too poor. EJET Solutions is my 4th agent in Yiwu. They are much better, reliable and professional.

Why We Are The Best Choice?

Getting a good partner is the key of your success in China.
There are hundreds of agents in China. What makes EJET different ?


Frequently Asked Questions

Business in China? Just contact us. You make the decision and we do the rest.

How to choose a reliable export agent in yiwu?

There are a lot of export agent companies in Yiwu. But it is not so easy to find a reliable export agent in yiwu.

Why Yiwu?

Yiwu is located in east of China, near Shanghai. Yiwu is famous for its largest wholesale market of general merchandise in the world – Yiwu market,

How Can I Go to Yiwu from My Country?

Go to Yiwu from your own country via Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou. EJET offers you the most convenient transporting solutions.

How to do business in Yiwu

First, you should tell us what items you are looking for, the quality, quantity,then export to their own country.

Why you need a Yiwu agent

The following 5 factors clearly account for why you need a Yiwu Agent.

Best Time to Visit Yiwu

In fact, You can come at any time you like as Yiwu market is opening all the year round (including weekends).

Guangzhou Agent

Guangzhou Agent

Due to the geographical advantage and the policy of the reform and opening up, Guangzhou becomes one of the most advanced cities in China.