When Yiwu Market Closes in 2018

Yiwu market opens every day except Chinese new year.

The customers who come to yiwu always ask this question: when yiwu market close ? Does yiwu market open on Saturday and Sunday? Yes, Yiwu market opens on weekends.

Attention, please. We will be on Chinese new year holidays 2018 / Spring Festival from 16th, Feb. 2018 – 25th, Feb. 2018. During this period, whole China doesnt work much. People either dont have enough time to serve you because theyre too busy or still on holiday.

If you want to come to Yiwu China in the first quarter of 2018 , we suggest you come to Yiwu China BEFORE 5th, Feb. 2018 or AFTER 3rd, Mar. 2018. Usually all the factories will start holiday before the end of January, therefore hardly stores in the market will accept orders. Most of them will go traveling or prepare for the Spring Festival. And factories might extend their holiday to get ready for the new production season.

What’s more, the Western Valentine’s Day is also coming. Wish you a sweet day!

If you come to yiwu(GuangZhou) market, our company will offer you pick up service, hotel reservations, translation service and purchase agent. If you need more help, please Leaving a message and contact us.

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