EJET solutions the only Yiwu Export Agent in china providing 100% guarantee. We can supply Yiwu AgentYiwu buying agent,Yiwu sourcing agent,Yiwu shipping agent,Yiwu export agent and other yiwu agent services. Financial safety guarantee, quality guarantee, shipment guarantee. our main business is in Yiwu, Guangzhou area, we have no limitation. we provide a ONE-STOP yiwu agent service for all your buying in any city from china whether via local suppliers, manufactures & distributors or via the factory directly.

Yiwu sourcing & Purchasing Agent Service
Search Products, Translation Service, Placed Order, Follow up Orders, Free Storage, Inspection and Quality Control, Prepare Relevant Documents, Customs Clearance, Shipment.

Foreign Trade Assistant:we will advise you of the best time to China before you come to Yiwu and initiated formal business invitation,Also we can go to Yiwu Airport and Shanghai, Hangzhou airport to pick you, and search for good showroom and arrange meeting for you and suppliers.

When you arrive in Yiwu, A professional buyer will guide you to commodity area, visiting showroom one by one, or visit factory to know the newest price. There is always a translator who will help you in negotiation with suppliers over price, and record all details such as item no, quantity, size,color, carton measurement etc, allowing you to better organize and purchase of goods.

When you are not in China, we are your reliable business assistant. We will regularly se you the latest, best-selling product information. If you need to purchase any goods, we will shortly send offer to you. If you order in different city, we can go to the factory to inspect quality, quantity, packaging and supervise container loading or collect all your orders and load them into one container and send you the inspection report, then deliver goods after your confirmation.

Why You Need Yiwu export agent
Yiwu is a dynamic market and more than 30,000 factories, 100000 booths and about 170 million kinds products in Yiwu market. If you want to find products for right price and good quality is very trouble and waste a lot of time. However, You could tell us what items you are looking for, and we will make appropriate arrangements. Then all you need to do is choosing goods,checking price,and we will arrange a translator lady to go to Yiwu market with you to translate,and also take photos,write down the iterm NO.price,pcs/ctn,Measure of ctn,and other details for you.At last,we will make a sheet with price list,photos,calculate total amount and total cbm for you.

We will book container,arrange shipment and load goods according your direction and send full set documents to you,Packing list,Commercial Invoice,B/L,Certificate and so on.

If you come to yiwu(GuangZhou) market, our company will offer you pick up service, hotel reservations, translation service and purchase agent. If you need more help, please Leaving a message and contact us.

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